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Bio-chemical Industry
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Surface finish, cleanability are extremely important in the design and production of these kind of apparatus. An entire department within SRI builds extremely high finished reactors for bio- medical and pharmaceutical plants, research laboratoria, universaties, etcetera. This team is well experienced to accomplish the high demands of the bio-mediacal industry: the feasability of the often small vessel, the position and orientation of nozzles, valves and drains, the machining and finishing. It is all in SRI!
The SRI expertise:
•Design and engineering of Bio Reactors from 5 ltr to 5.000 ltr
•Construction and finishing to FDA, GMP, Sanitary standards
•Heat transfer by means of half pipe coil or full jacket
•Currently build SS 316, AL6XN or 254 SMO
•Mirror polishing to Ra < 0,1 µm, electro polishing to Ra < 0,5µm
•Equipment possible: thermo wells, agitator, pressure and temperature gauges, etc
Contact information:
Anco K. Blokzijl
Fred de Vries
at SRI
at SRI or at +31 (0) 6 51 34 67 19
general director
sales manager
or by E-mail at info@sri.nl (messages will be dispatched automatically to the addressee).