Welcome to SRI Veenwouden Holland

Company Layout
SRI, founded in 1957 at Dokkum, moved to the town of Veenwouden in the northern part of Friesland in 1976.
Initially in a small shop, the facilities have been enlarged due to the increase of activities during the past years.
The present site covers 25.000 m2 with free entrance to major road connections.
At a distance of nearly 1,5 km main waterway transport is available for voluminous items.
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The shopfloor of about 13.000 m2 disposes of modern equipment:
- SAW welding station max. 800 Amp.; melt down speed 4 kg/hr
- numerous GTAW/GMAW semi automatic welding machines
- lifting capacity up to 2 * 25 Tons and 2 * 20 Tons
- several local hoists for sub assembly manipulation
- manipulator capacity from 200 mm up to 4.500 mm diam. with a max. load of 50 Tons
Other equipment:
- schearing equipment 
- bending:
- rolling:
- plasmacutting:
- boring machine:
- 2 CNC machining centers:
12 mm thickness SS at a length of 3,0 m
20 mm thickness SS at a length of 3,0 m
25 mm thickness SS at a length of 3,0 m
25 mm thickness SS
up to diameter of 3.500 mm, max weight 6 Tons 
machinetable 2500 x 2500mm, max weight 4 Tons
- lathe: max. diam. 3.300 mm, max. length 5.500 mm
- numerous welding machines and manipulators
- numerous polishing and finishing machines
(larger and/or thicker part preparation is sub-contracted
SRI has the disposal of its own X-ray bunker operated by an independent specialized company.
Chemical cleaning and passivating is carried out in an on-site building.
Electro Polishing is sub contracted to a specialized company, able to handle
reactors, tanks and conical vessels up to a volume of 25.000 ltr. and a max. weight of 10 Tons
Contact information:
Anco K. Blokzijl
Fred de Vries
at SRI
at SRI or at +31 (0) 6 51 34 67 19
general director
sales manager
or by E-mail at info@sri.nl (messages will be dispatched automatically to the addressee).