Perfect Welding Equipment for Special Stainless Steel

Friday 21 January 2022

As our companyname suggests: Special Stainless Steel.
And these are exactly the materials we work with and weld into special purpose equipment for various industries. Our knowledge we keep up to date with a broad range of education and classes. Know-how of welding Special Stainless Steel materials is one of the reasons SRI is able to provide our customers the top of the bill apparatus in this branch.

To be able to maintain providing this high quality apparatus, keeping our welding equipment and tools up-to-date is a must!

Recently, a couple of brand new weldingmachines have been purchased; within our specialism the most modern equipment for welding various types of Special Stainless Steel.

SRI colleague demonstrates the new Orbital Weldingmachine

Per example: for welding tube-to-tubesheet on heatexchangers, this orbital weldingmachine has been purchased. The picture above shows this equipment in action, during a repair on a heatexchanger. tube-to-tubesheet in Titanium grade II.

Orbital Weldingmachine
2 GTAW-weldingmachines on-site

In addition, SRI purchased 4 modern, mobile GTAW-weldingmachines, incl. cooling units. This equipment allows us to weld according to the strictest quality requirements within various designcodes and customer specifications. This picture shows two of these machines, on their first on-site jobs, for repair of a lower section of a reactor.


Through years of experience, backed up by continuous innovation in engineering, manufacturing techniques, quality control and organization, SRI is certified for PED/CE Module H/H1, ASME U&R Stamp, SELO en ISO 9001. We prove to be a reliable partner for many, often recurring customers worldwide.


From the small town of Veenwouden, The Netherlands, SRI has evolved into a global manufacturer of process industry equipment. We are proud of our roots as well as our worldwide status. Please feel free to ask for information about our engineering and production methods. Also, please contact us if you’d like to cooperate with us.