Our own expert team supervises the entire development and realization process, for which we work out a detailed production planning. All of this takes place under supervision of our QC department. Manufacturing starts as soon as the final drawings package is ready and all main materials have been purchased.


As a result of decades of experience, SRI has optimized the process of development and realization. Once our specialists have their integral engineering package ready, it is sent to our customer for approval. After approval, we purchase all materials. By means of Hold and Release, our independent QC department performs the certificate check (and often PMI testing if necessary). Subsequently, we present our inspection and test plan as well as the detailed planning and forms to our customer – these form the foundation of the production progress.


Based on our final drawing package and with all materials purchased, the SRI team gets to work in our factory. The entire process is supervised by ourselves, which means changes can be implemented efficiently.In cooperation with our specialists, the latest technological developments are kept up to date. If necessary, and in consultation with our customer, these new technologies are implemented in the production with the aim of producing as cost-efficiently as possible, without compromising quality.

SRI in a nutshell

  • Veenwouden (The Netherlands) location 25,000 m2, of which production 13,000 m2
  • Specialist in stainless steel pressure equipment and heat exchangers
  • High-quality welding and materials knowledge
  • Customer focussed field services
  • Approved equipment repair
  • Decisive, solution-driven workforce
  • Expert engineering and QC
  • Short lines of communication with third parties NOBO/LR
  • Guidance in design/approval requirements
  • Integral, troublele-free project realization for our customers


Through years of experience, backed up by continuous innovation in engineering, manufacturing techniques, quality control and organization, SRI is certified for PED/CE Module H/H1, ASME U&R Stamp, SELO en ISO 9001. We prove to be a reliable partner for many, often recurring customers worldwide.


From the small town of Veenwouden, The Netherlands, SRI has evolved into a global manufacturer of process industry equipment. We are proud of our roots as well as our worldwide status. Please feel free to ask for information about our engineering and production methods. Also, please contact us if you’d like to cooperate with us.