SRI has traditionally had a strong position in the food industry, for which we supply a wide range of equipment. Individual items and complete systems. All of our engineering, manufacturing and inspection is carried out in-company. Also, we have developed our own sharpening systems for the internal finishing of our devices

Customized devices

SRI provides solutions such as mixing vessels and reaction vessels (with or without heating mantle). On custom demand we also supply agitators, appendages and skids. The base materials we use meet strict requirements with regard to composition and homogeneity. Our vessels can be insulated afterwards, with the jacket completely welded off.

International Design Codes

The cleanability and overall finish of our products perfectly meet the requirements of the food industry. There are no blind spots and for maximum hygiene the internal surface is fully cleanable as standard. We have developed automated sharpening systems for the internal finish, which optinally allow for a number of (manual) finishing procedures. As a result of our designs our equipment complies with the internationally applicable codes (ASME, EN 13445 etc). These requirements are comparable to the pharmaceutical industry.

SRI equipment is extensively tested for, among other things, drainability and finish. As such, we regularly carry out ‘wet running’ tests in collaboration with our agitator supplier. The agreed finishes are tested by means of roughness measurement – using, for example, Pethometer – and will be fully documented. We deliver our end products with a complete manufacturing report (MR) as standard.

Concept and engineering

Right from the concept phase of any project, SRI is heavily involved in the design of devices in order to create the best solution in cooperation with our clients. Our main challenge is to use all possibilities within the assigned design codes and customer specifications. We also take care of the entire approval process. As a result of our experience we often manage to surpass our clients' expectations with well-thought-out...

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Development and realization

Our own expert team supervises the entire development and realization process, for which we work out a detailed production planning. All of this takes place under supervision of our QC department. Manufacturing starts as soon as the final drawings package is ready and all main materials have been...

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Construction and installation

At SRI we aim for integral, trouble-free project realization for our customers. We offer reliable solutions that require minimal maintenance. In order to fully control quality and planning we carry out the entire process of construction and installation on location under our own management. Our facilities cover an approximate 25,000 m2. With our flexible work methods SRI is of great added value to our...

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Service and maintenance

In addition to quality, continuity is of great importance in the industries our clients operate in. Our service department is always standby to solve malfunctions or repair damage. We manage to continuously minimize failure cost through scheduled maintenance, smart technological inspections and preventive replacement of wear...

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After having successfully implemented two high pressure heaters for our Holland based customer, we were asked to additionally deliver four high pressure heaters and two holdlines for their plant in Seattle (USA). Ours was both to design and realize this extension. During the specification process it soon became clear that the layout as well as the strict sanitary rules required a redesign (3A...

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An excellent worldwide reputation due to highly reliable process industry solutions


Through years of experience, backed up by continuous innovation in engineering, manufacturing techniques, quality control and organization, SRI is certified for PED/CE Module H/H1, ASME U&R Stamp, SELO en ISO 9001. We prove to be a reliable partner for many, often recurring customers worldwide.


From the small town of Veenwouden, The Netherlands, SRI has evolved into a global manufacturer of process industry equipment. We are proud of our roots as well as our worldwide status. Please feel free to ask for information about our engineering and production methods. Also, please contact us if you’d like to cooperate with us.