About us

SRI (Special Stainless Steel Industry) was founded in 1957 in Dokkum, The Netherlands, located in a region renowned for its steel industry. As a result of consistent growth the company moved to nearby Veenwouden in the early 1970s. In a changing market with demanding customers, SRI aims to keep as many services in-house as possible. This has resulted in our own polishing hall and x-ray bunker. Our total business area spans an approximate 25,000 m2.

Leading equipment builder for the process industry

We design and produce stainless steel pressurized equipment and heat exchangers, and we also provide field services (on site repairs). Our clients are mainly active in the process industry. We own state of the art manufacturing facilities for processing a range of exotic materials, such as (super) duplex, titanium, hastelloy®, monel® and so on.

Over the years, thanks to our continuous innovation in engineering, quality control and process optimization, SRI has been certified for PED/CE Module H/H1, ASME U&R Stamp, SELO and ISO 9001. This makes us a reliable partner for many recurring customers. Interesting to mention: in 1981 SRI already received the ASME-U-Stamp certification. While in 1987 the company again stood out for being the first equipment manufacturer to acquire the ISO 9001 certificate – the international standard for quality management systems.

We are proud to say that our proven craftsmanship and references by major clients has made us a renowned partner worldwide in high-quality devices.

Fully customized end products

SRI’s engineering department, backed-up by our project office, is capable of handling the organization of any complex projects. From the very first rough sketches (data sheets) to the final manufacturing plan, including welding and QC plans. Delivering fully customized equipment is our daily standard. SRI is highly experienced with design codes such as EN 13445, ASME VIII div. 1, RtoD and AD-2000. We use advanced software for strength and fatigue calculations and drawing programs such as Autocad and Inventor. These help us create the ultimate drawing package – the foundation for our customers’ end product.

Great employer, great place to work

As an ambassador of the metal industry in our region, we continuously invest in talent. For example, we are an acknowledged training company. By offering practical experience, we inspire young people to enter the world of metal craftsmanship. SRI maintains close contacts with several training institutes. For aspiring technicians interested in combining technology with production, we offer the possibility of following a work and learning trajectory with us. The same applies to our engineering department.

Are you interested in joining SRI? Please, check our current vacancies.

Responsible for our people and the environment

Working safely and healthily is in our DNA. Every two years, we examine each of our employees’ work space (Risk Inventory and Evaluation, in short RIE). This way we continuously improve personal safety and reduce health risks. Safety, health and the environment are always a major concern at project meetings. To increase safety and environmental awareness we regularly organize tool-box meetings. Basically all our employees are VCA certified.

Hefty figures

At our production location in Veenwouden, The Netherlands, we are capable of handing diameters up to 5,000 mm and lengths up to 30 meters. We have our own lifting capacity of up to 60 tons.


Through years of experience, backed up by continuous innovation in engineering, manufacturing techniques, quality control and organization, SRI is certified for PED/CE Module H/H1, ASME U&R Stamp, SELO en ISO 9001. We prove to be a reliable partner for many, often recurring customers worldwide.


From the small town of Veenwouden, The Netherlands, SRI has evolved into a global manufacturer of process industry equipment. We are proud of our roots as well as our worldwide status. Please feel free to ask for information about our engineering and production methods. Also, please contact us if you’d like to cooperate with us.