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  1. Another piece of SRI craftmanship!

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    After being manufactured at SRI and coated at a specialist’s facility, this Duplex Column is ready for installation on-site. A spectacular view from the ground!

    The specifications:
    Material: Duplex 1.4462, thickness bodyplate 12mm and heads 15mm
    Total length: 14.500mm
    Widest diameter: 3.200mm
    Weight: 16,5 Tons

    Designed conform EN13445, incl. PED module H1. In addition to the customer’s spec.’s, nozzleloads have been calculated and applied in this design.

    Throughout all fases of this project, thank you SRI colleagues!

  2. Separator ready for transport

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    This last, and at the same time largest, separator out of a project of nine columns, separators and pressure vessels, is ready for transport.

    Measuring 6 meters in length and (incl. dome) 3.5 meters in height, the vessel sits on a low loader for transport.

    All apparatus in this project were:
    – by SRI, in-house fully engineered, incl. integrated clientspec.’s
    – manufactured of Alloy 316L material (wall thicknesses varying from 8 to 25 mm)
    – manufactured conform designcode EN13445 / PED module H1

    All of SRI are proud of (again) a successful project!

  3. Perfect Welding Equipment for Special Stainless Steel

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    As our companyname suggests: Special Stainless Steel.
    And these are exactly the materials we work with and weld into special purpose equipment for various industries. Our knowledge we keep up to date with a broad range of education and classes. Know-how of welding Special Stainless Steel materials is one of the reasons SRI is able to provide our customers the top of the bill apparatus in this branch.

    To be able to maintain providing this high quality apparatus, keeping our welding equipment and tools up-to-date is a must!

    Recently, a couple of brand new weldingmachines have been purchased; within our specialism the most modern equipment for welding various types of Special Stainless Steel.

    SRI colleague demonstrates the new Orbital Weldingmachine

    Per example: for welding tube-to-tubesheet on heatexchangers, this orbital weldingmachine has been purchased. The picture above shows this equipment in action, during a repair on a heatexchanger. tube-to-tubesheet in Titanium grade II.

    Orbital Weldingmachine
    2 GTAW-weldingmachines on-site

    In addition, SRI purchased 4 modern, mobile GTAW-weldingmachines, incl. cooling units. This equipment allows us to weld according to the strictest quality requirements within various designcodes and customer specifications. This picture shows two of these machines, on their first on-site jobs, for repair of a lower section of a reactor.

  4. SRI welcomes 13 students from the Lauwers College for a shoptour!

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    Last month 13 apprentice technicians from the Lauwers College Kollum visited SRI Speciaal Roestvrijstaal Industrie BV, for a day of education in the field of engineering and manufacturing of special purpose high grade apparatus. With great passion SRI colleagues presented the various specialisms within SRI BV.

    With refreshments in the canteen, the day was concluded with a Q&A session and a review of a successful day.

    SRI BV takes great pride in receiving this opportunity from Lauwers College Kollum and also likes to thank the volunteering colleagues for their enthusiasm guiding the visiting students around the SRI workfloor.


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