1. Chemistry

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    For the production of chemical components, SRI has developed a high-pressure heat exchanger to replace the existing one. Our new version is made of Duplex material. To minimize any product adhesion the product end (pipe side) is polished. Additionally we polished the piping internally. During a short production pauze at our customer, we disconnected the existing item and installed the new one. Earlier, we carefully measured the old heat exchanger on-site in order to guarantee a fast exchange. The project was realized exactly as agreed.

  2. Biotechnology

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    SRI’s high-quality equipment is used worldwide for biotechnological processes such as medicine and vaccine production. Equipment requirements in the biotechnology industry are extremely strict, even exceeding those in the pharmaceutical chemistry industry. For reasons of cleanability and optimal drainability, our customers generally demand electropolished interior finishes. Most equipment we manufacture features a cooling and/or heating mantle as well as a welded insulation housing. Due to our designs all connections are guaranteed leak free. Usually, our customers opt for high-gloss polished exterior finishes – as for bioreactors, they are often set up in a separate cleanroom.

  3. New energy

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    New energy projects are often highly innovative, meaning we have to treat the information received from our customers with utmost confidentiality. Here’s a simplified project example of a high pressure and temperature process, aimed to enrich gases, for which we use Inconel, Incoloy and 6025 HT. These materials require special knowledge about welding techniques, heat treatment and more – right up our alley.

  4. Food

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    After having successfully implemented two high pressure heaters for our Holland based customer, we were asked to additionally deliver four high pressure heaters and two holdlines for their plant in Seattle (USA). Ours was both to design and realize this extension. During the specification process it soon became clear that the layout as well as the strict sanitary rules required a redesign (3A certification).

  5. Pharmaceutical chemistry

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    Within the pharmaceutical chemistry industry SRI is a respected manufacturer of reactors. Crucial for these type of pressure vessels is their internal and external finish. Usually we opt for internal electropolishing for reasons of cleanability and zero product adhesion. In our designs dead spots won’t be foud. Also, we often build our pharmaceutical chemistry vessels with a heating mantle (or half pipe coil) and insulated casing.

  6. Petrochemistry

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    SRI realized an extraction column for component extraction from oil. We manufactured the entire column from Duplex. The build included all internals as well as platforms. After the pressure test we completely insulated the column in our workshop.


Through years of experience, backed up by continuous innovation in engineering, manufacturing techniques, quality control and organization, SRI is certified for PED/CE Module H/H1, ASME U&R Stamp, SELO en ISO 9001. We prove to be a reliable partner for many, often recurring customers worldwide.


From the small town of Veenwouden, The Netherlands, SRI has evolved into a global manufacturer of process industry equipment. We are proud of our roots as well as our worldwide status. Please feel free to ask for information about our engineering and production methods. Also, please contact us if you’d like to cooperate with us.